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The Play Maker

The Play Maker

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The Play Maker is for the athlete who wakes up every day with an inner fire that pushes them closer and closer to greatness. They may make flashy plays and get their highlights viewed by people all over the world, but that isn't what drives them. They are driven towards excellence. Towards being the best version of themselves moment to moment to moment. 

The Play Maker features A Red Mirror Lens, a White Frame and the signature Arete logo on the front of the lens and on the sides of the glasses. This style comes in both Youth and Adult Sizes.


The Play Maker was designed by Colten Rollett, from the Brolletts. An 11U travel baseball player who loves helping his friends to become the best version of themselves. 

That is the deeper meaning behind Arete Shades. 

Arete is Greek for excellence, or virtue. 

But we like the deeper meaning behind the word, as expressing the best version of yourself moment, to moment to moment. 

Every time you put on a pair of Arete Shades you are not just blocking the sun from your eyes, but you are blocking your mind from the distractions that take you away from being the best version of yourself in this moment. 

So get ready to step up. To train hard. To play at your peak. And never stop chasing excellence.  

(Colten wearing the Party Starter, youth size,
and dad wearing The Play Maker, adult size)

*All photos, videos and editing done by Colten.

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