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The Golden Glory

The Golden Glory

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The Golden Glory was created to remind athletes why we are putting in the hard work, the long days, the blood, sweat and tears. We sacrifice everything so one day we can raise the trophy up for our teammates, our coaches, our family, friends and our community. It's why Kobe was at the gym every morning at 4am shooting free throws. It's why Aaron Judge hits off the tee before every game even though he doesn't have to. He wants the glory.

Featuring Gold Mirror Lenses and Gold Frames, the Golden Glory will give you confidence. It will give you strength. It will be a reminder of what you are chasing, whether that's a ring from this weekend's tournament, a district championship or the Little League World Series. Chase greatness and good things will happen.

The Golden Glory is available in both Youth and Adult Sizes.


The Golden Glory was designed by Colten Rollett, from the Brolletts. An 11U travel baseball player who loves helping his friends to become the best version of themselves. 

That is the deeper meaning behind Arete Shades. 

Arete is Greek for excellence, or virtue. 

But we like the deeper meaning behind the word, as expressing the best version of yourself moment, to moment to moment. 

Every time you put on a pair of Arete Shades you are not just blocking the sun from your eyes, but you are blocking your mind from the distractions that take you away from being the best version of yourself in this moment. 

So get ready to step up. To train hard. To play at your peak. And never stop chasing excellence. 


*All photos, videos and editing done by Colten.

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