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Golden Glory + The Freeze Combo Package

Golden Glory + The Freeze Combo Package

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We are really excited to drop 2 brand new colors in the first line of Arete Shades. 

The first color way is our The Golden Glory. Gold frames, gold lenses to give you that championship feel. These have been our most requested color way and this limited run will sell out fast!

The second color way features clear frames with ice blue lenses. We are calling these The Freeze to remind you to take a moment to breathe, compose yourself then get back in the box ready to dominate.

Start your spring season in style and get both pairs for only $50!

Grabbing this bundle saves you $29.98 if you bought them individually when they go live on our site. 

This New Drop Package will only available for a limited time, so grab yours now. 

Grab yours and start blocking out distractions as you strive to be the best athlete you can rep at a time.

*Both pairs will be shipped in the same size you select (youth or adult)

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